Welcome to the Eyes Above website.

Eyes Above is all about the heaviness in music but the weight and the energy is nothing without some ebb and flow, light and shade; aiming for that perfect marriage of brutal riffs, melody and cinematic soundscapes. We live in exciting times with regards to the availability of so many liberating resources and tools for the creation of music, film and design. Music informs what we see, film amplifies what we think and the two together can stretch beyond the sum of their parts. The goal is to see how far I can push all of these mediums that I love working within and see where the songs and visuals take us.

Thanks for checking out the website and joining me in these early stages of Eyes Above, I hope you enjoy the first couple songs and visuals. You can follow Eyes Above on the other usual social media outlets with the links provided, stay tuned for more music and video content coming soon.

Mike Hay / Eyes Above